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About Medikoma

Medikoma is a trusted platform that aims to connect with users on a growing scale and provide them a healing touch by healthcare professionals. We help you connect with the right professionals where you can assess your health issues and concerns in a convenient and better fashion and stay healthy for prolonged duration with the righteous guidance. We are home to professional doctors which include Dentists, pediatrician, gynecologist, dermatologist, cardiologists, and many more specialists. We function to provide you a doctor or a clinic, and make it feasible for everyone to share the common platform.

Medikoma provides a user interactive search that provides you diverse options in terms of specialty, locality and doctors. We make the best medical care available to you in the simplest form.

It helps you save time of interacting with the doctors in a manual fashion and makes the same possible with diverse set of options available in the application. We are building a home to more and more certified and professional doctors who are highly trained and experienced in the domain. We provide a dedicated services, the moment you need and the way you need it. When you register as a user with Medikoma, there are numerous benefits for you waiting for you. Feel free to ask any questions to us at any moment, consultation and appointments become easy for our users, whom we aim to provide dedicated healthcare services. We assure you that the information you share with us is confidential and remains private. You can also download our official application Medikoma to make everything available in a series of clicks and selects.

Medikoma makes it services available 24/7 and can help you get in touch with the doctors directly. We help patients to book appointments from anywhere and from any device. We help you make your schedules better and simpler. Even if we cater to the side of doctors, we are a fruitful midway as we have growing users who are seeking help of online doctors. You can always improve on your profile and get more patients by earning better reputation.

Medikoma makes the medical health smooth and create an everlasting experience for healthcare experts as well as for users. It is the time to stay happy and healthy with the devices you use daily. Make good decisions for your health with the accessible technology. We aim to create a user friendly healthcare platform that can make the users, doctors and clinics share their interests and make the healthcare services available at a faster pace.


Medikoma is an online platform to find doctors in your area and make an appointment with an ease.

Practioner can put their profile online along with the services they offer, show their availability timing and engage more patient.

Why Medikoma?

Medikoma helps you attain the required health care in the minimum time span and in a matter of clicks. Well, before you choose to offer your data and personal information to Medikoma you must have all the good reasons to be a part of the same. We help you associate with the widest network of doctors to avail the best services.

Apart from this we provide you a bunch of reasons that will help you understand that Medikoma is the righteous choice:

Find the right Doctor

We have growing number of doctors expert in their domains who are ready to render you the right service and care you need. We are home to dentists, pediatricians, gynecologists, cardiologists and all other specialists that you feel like connecting with to share your health concern and issues.

Easy bookings and appointments

We have registered doctors and clinics where you might seek appointment to discuss your health issues. Our user friendly interface provides a medium to get the bookings easily within a matter of taps through our application or through our website. You can access the services from any device and go for hassle free bookings. Consultations and appointments have become simpler with us.

We are free to register

Medikoma provides an opportunity to users to register for free as we aim to provide a common platform to users and doctors to share and make the best out of the healthcare services available. Our 100% free services allow us to expand our network and be available on a global scale, making our services access easy.

24/7 online service

Our dedicated 24/7 services make our patients and their families trust. We can help you get in touch with a doctor whenever you want. Above all, we keep your data private and confidential. So feel free to share the details with us.

Medikoma Application

Medikoma has its dedicated application for mobile devices, which helps you access the services from your device at any instant. Our application allows certain features which include finding the right doctor in your area, book appointments with taps, manage your availability with ease. To doctors and clinics, it helps easy engagement with patients, reduce unacknowledged appointments and make them easily available to improve their online profile and number of patients.

For one and all

In case you are a certified doctor or clinic, Medikoma can help you grow the patient base and build a strong network. In case, you are a normal user, you can require the healthcare service at any moment. In order to make all the services easily accessible, register with us and share the platform with verified and professional doctors. Medikoma is simply meant for one and all.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy listed by Medikoma is the detailed information about how we collect, use and share your personal information i.e. users of the services or our application, be it the doctors, clinics or end users (as explained in the Terms and Conditions sections). We are creating this privacy policy to ensure our commitment to protection of your privacy. The privacy policy in a nutshell deals with your personal data and reveals its usage for Medikoma or to any third party that is associated with it. Your use of enlisted service, any of which is provided by Medikoma is subject to terms of use and privacy policy enlisted by Medikoma. We commit to your privacy and your personal details.

1) Consent

When you use our services or provide us your information, we come out with the understanding that you have read and agreed to our policies, mentioned in this PRIVACY POLICY. We also have the right to add, delete or modify a part of Privacy policy at any moment with or without issue of any prior notice for the same.
When you check ‘I agree’ option followed by Terms of Use, you hereby consent to transfer your information according to the privacy policy. The personal or non personal information that you provide us via the means of any application service or interface is provided by your consent.
a) You acknowledge that you are providing personal information out of free will, with no imposition of external pressure.

2) Collecting Personal Information

The services we provide for healthcare via the medium of our website or through mobile application need to know who you are in order to provide you with better solutions and deal with your problems in a more personalised fashion. At times, all the personal and non personal data you provide can be termed as ‘information’ as stated by Medikoma and its privacy policy
The personal information may include following aspects, and is not restricted to under mentioned only:
Contact information( like your name, address, e-mail, phone number)
Demographic data which includes your gender, date of birth, pin code etc.
Financial information(bank account, credit or debit card details etc)
Usage data of services or regarding the history of appointments
Medical information(physical, physiological, sexual and mental health condition)
Voluntary information that you provide through e-mail or calls.
Personal information defined under other SPI(Sensitive Personal Data or Information) rules

3) How the Information is collected

Information collection is an integral part of our process as the same is required to provide better and dedicated services to users by understanding them better.
We collect your information by following methods, but the same is not limited to following:
Through user registration
By creating profile on our website
Providing information to us by revealing your current medical conditions, any previous medications that you have taken or the current symptoms you are facing.
Using the features/services of our website or application
Using cookies

4) Use of the information

We have numerous uses of the information you provide us, some of them include:
We enable our users to avail the services enlisted in our application or we.
Deal with your enquiries
Give your experience a personalised touch
Provide you updated information about the services, products and doctors
Deal with the technical issues
To deal with the jurisdiction, in matters related to public safety as permitted by law
To analyse user preferences and behavior
To make certain disclosure as demanded by law

1) Sharing of Information

Medikoma is free to share, exchange or transfer any information across borders or within your country with our affiliates, third party associates, service providers, banks and other financial institutions for any purpose that is specified under privacy policy. The same may also be applicable by law, sale acquisition, merging or any bankruptcy issue revolving around Medikoma.
The country to which the data is transferred might have different data protection laws than from your country.
By agreeing to our privacy policy, you agree to the fact that your information may be transferred within or outside your country.

6) Change to Privacy Policy

Medikoma might change the privacy policy at any time without being obligated to any advance notice regarding the same. In case, you no longer wish to continue with us you may deactivate your account and inform us regarding the same.
You are always free to go through the amendments in the privacy policy

7) Regarding cookies

To facilitate easy access of services, Medikoma uses cookies on its site. During your online activity of with our website, the details are sent to your machine to record your online activity. In order to make your navigation functions easy and improve the flow of service we make use of cookies. The user identification becomes easier and we are able to render the services in a better fashion. You have the freedom to deny the cookies, if you are not willing to save the same.

8) Note For end users:

Personal Information is collected from end users in order to make the services easy for them to access.
It is user’s responsibility to read and understand the privacy statements before submitting their information or before accepting the Terms and Conditions.
The information provided by end user is ultimately used to help the user to avail the services and make services better. Identifying end user as an individual help us to cater to the matters in a personalised fashion. The data collected by Medikoma can be sued for the purpose of research, business analysis, intelligent purpose, statistical analysis or may be transferred to third parties for similar purpose. Some of the uses of the same might include:
For improvement of product design and quality, making the interface of the website better
For research and other technical purpose that Medikoma thinks is suitable to make their application better.

Medikoma Feedback Guidelines for Clinics/Hospitals

Medikoma Feedback is a great way for users to show how their appointment experience with a healthcare service provider. It helps other people looking for similar services make an informed decision. Moreover, it helps the service providers understand how the consultation worked for their users. If a healthcare service provider owns a profile on Medikoma, Medikoma Feedback gathers feedback responses from users regarding their experience with him/her. These responses are displayed on a service provider’s profile page on medikoma.com and Medikoma smartphone apps.

We encourage all healthcare providers and establishments to make the most of this tool to reach out and interact with their patients and build word of mouth for their practice.

Feedback is collected ONLY from patient who:

- book appointments through medikoma.com

Medikoma reaches out to these users via call/SMS/email within 3 days after their appointment and asks them for feedback about their experience. They are free to write feedback any time after their appointment. Moreover, our full-proof system restricts a person from giving more than one feedback for a single appointment. So, you can be rest assured that only authentic feedback responses reflect on your profile.

Feedback Moderation

Helpful and genuine Feedback
A helpful and genuine Feedback is one that complies with Medikoma Feedback Standards, and more importantly, is submitted by an authentic user.
We completely prohibit the following feedback type:
a) Feedback that tends to promote/ malign – advertising, spam, abuse, etc.
b) Feedback on diagnosis/ medical outcome
How is the moderation done?
We have a team of in-house experts that examine questionable feedback. Each Feedback is evaluated as a whole and put through the filter of Medikoma Feedback Standards. A moderator can take the following actions on any questionable feedback:
1. Publish
2. Withhold for further investigation
3. Decline to publish
In addition, we use automated tools on the site that help flag questionable content for review The majority of Feedback is posted within 48 working hours of submission. If a Feedback is flagged for a closer look by our moderators, it may take longer, However, if the feedback uses inappropriate language or seems spam we don’t publish it.
Positive and negative Feedback

As long as feedback meets our guidelines, we’re happy to post it whether it’s positive or negative.

Medikoma Feedback Guidelines for Medikoma Users/Patients

Medikoma collects feedback from patients on their condition, symptoms and how the doctor helped them get better in order to help other patients, choose a doctor that is best suited to solve their health issues. Here are some guidelines to help patients to write useful feedback:

Keep it Real & Genuine: Please write only about your first-hand experiences with the facilities or services of an establishment. Avoid copying or quoting material from other sources such as other feedback responses, getting paid to write feedback or posting feedback from multiple accounts. We will pull down feedback written for healthcare professionals without a prior appointment with them. Medikoma works on trust.
Avoid using inappropriate language: Please refrain from using profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speeches, sexually explicit language or other inappropriate content. We encourage constructive feedback but personal attacks, value judgments or generalizations about an individual’s intent directed at disparaging individual is not allowed.
Conflict of interest and professional ethics: Patient feedback is most valuable when it is genuine and unbiased. If you own or work at a medical establishment, please don’t review your own medical establishment or employer. Don’t accept money, products, or services to write feedback for a healthcare professional or to write negative feedback about another healthcare professional. If you’re a business owner, don’t set up review stations or kiosks at your place of business to ask for feedback to be published on Medikoma. This includes doctor to doctor feedback (including that submitted by medical establishment staff & representatives). This also includes references about other healthcare professionals or their comments on medical judgements by another healthcare professional.
Patients aren’t the best ones to assess healthcare professional’s medical abilities: We do not encourage any comments on the accuracy of the diagnosis or the treatment, as that would be a matter which requires an expert opinion.  This is why we blur out the portion of feedback that talk about medical abilities/ procedures from public view. However, the concerned health care professional can view the entire feedback privately.
Don't not Post Promotional Material: Refrain from posting any promotional material. This includes self-promotional URLs, email addresses or phone numbers in the feedback section.
Be Descriptive: To ensure that users read quality feedback, we have set the minimum word count to 100. Do remember that your feedback can help millions of patients make a well informed decision about their healthcare. For their benefit, please be as factual & descriptive as possible.  Currently we accept feedback written in English.

Terms and Conditions

Medikoma is a healthcare platform that allows users from diverse regions of the world to register and seek health care services at its best and earliest with the registered and verified dedicated professionals. The services include the options or the privileges that a user has while accessing the website or mobile application features.

Welcome to the terms and conditions sections of Medikoma. Before listing the same, we would like to make clear that ‘You’, ‘Your’ refers to a user whether they are registered or not registered with us. On the other hand, ‘Our’, ‘Us’, ‘Company’ refers to Medikoma and the related services it provides.

A user is advised to read the terms and conditions of the website before using any service directly or indirectly. The document lists all the terms of your access and your liability to the usage of the same. Once you click ‘I accept’, it means that you agree with the terms and conditions of the website and the application and thereby any action taken from your account, positive or negative the user will be held responsible for the same.
General outlook
The under mentioned items is a list of terms that we use time and again in the document:
Service: Any service, care or advice offered by Medikoma is termed as service.
Website/ application: Refers to the official website and application of Medikoma that you use.
Healthcare professional, doctors, and clinics: refer to the professionals registered on the website.
Acceptance: The terms and conditions along with the privacy policy are applicable to the website or a part of the website and all the disclaimers mentioned in the Terms and conditions are referred to as ‘Agreement.’ Once you agree with the usage of the website or the application, the agreement continues to exist.
User: The registered or the unregistered person that is making use of services being made available by Medikoma.
Usage of Medikoma website or application
The website is used by both registered and the non-registered users and the under mentioned terms exist for the same. A user must agree to the following terms of usage before accessing any services.
Medikoma will not be put to any sort of usage that is not listed in the document.
Medikoma and services provided by the professionals should not be used in any case for unlawful or harmful ways. The same should not harm Medikoma or any other person in any way.
Medikoma and services provided by the professionals should not be used in any case for unlawful or harmful ways. The same should not harm Medikoma or any other person in any way.
The website allows you to book appointment at a particular geographical location, based on the data you provide us directly or indirectly.
Medikoma does not make any sort or representation or take warranties for the quality of healthcare services we provide. We do not grade any physicians or cater to any such aspect.
You are provided the suitable interface to upload identifiable health information which includes your physiological, physical and other ongoing mental health conditions and is necessary to diagnose your any ongoing problem.
Information provided by the health professionals
The information provided by any health professional, doctor or clinic on their profile or on personal basis is their sole responsibility and Medikoma is not liable for the same. We are in no means responsible for the accuracy of the information, we are just a medium to connect the users or the patients to doctors and clinics
Terms of use.
Any user using our website must agree with the following terms of use:
A user is free to use the services of he/she agrees to all the terms and conditions of usage.
The user must fall in the legal age of the jurisdiction.
The user must agree to provide us personal and required information under the privacy policy section of Medikoma.
In case, you are providing any faulty information and any thing leads to an issue in the health or misdiagnosis, Medikoma is not liable for the same
Role of Medikoma
Medikoma is offering its customers or users a diverse set of services and the role of Medikoma includes following but is not limited to the same:
We provide the user’s to enquire about their health, seek consultation, professionals and go for enquiries that concern their health.
Provide a platform for interaction to share between the users and the healthcare agencies which include doctors, healthcare professionals and clinics.
Medikoma does not pre scan the user provided information before passing the same to a professional. In case of transfer of any wrong information, Medikoma is not responsible for the same. The role of Medikoma in providing the right and required information does not lie here.
In case of detection of any unlawful activity, which is illegal, involves fraud by any registered user on Medikoma. Medikoma reserves all the rights to inform the concerned government and the law enforcement authorities about the same. Any such negligence on the user part does not lead to lowering the position of Medikoma at any stage.
Mekioma does not endorse highlight or bring into notice any particular medicine, doctor, theory or viewpoint about any topic. Medikoma just acts as a common platform to be shared by diverse users for to improve the health care services.
Rules of conduct
When a user agrees to the Terms and conditions of the Medikoma, it implies that the user accepts to conduct a good charter of conduct. The usage of the services and subject to acceptance of the same is in accordance with the following laws:
When a user is making an appointment with any health care professional, it is user’s duty to be committed on the part and Medikoma does not hold responsible for the same.
You can cancel the appointment according to the clinical norms, through your registered account.
The services being provided by Medikoma is not be used for any sort of financial gains or to spread commercial information. The information being provided is for personal use based upon your set of conditions.
When a user is accessing the services being provided by the website, the user by no means should make any effort to extract a part of the same, make any modifications to it by any unlawful means the intention of which is to harm website or company.
The end user must agree to not copy any part of the website or content of site without informing the website about the same.
The user both registered and registered users must agree to access and use the website or application by good faith and intentions. The terms of usage must not be for any commercial purpose or for any sort of financial gains. In case a user is found not adhering to the above mentioned rules of conduct or any rule that is partially or indirectly related to the same. The information is solely for personal use.
Limitation Clauses
There might certain restrictions or limitations to the liability of the same. Which are enlisted under the terms and conditions of the section. This include
Service Availability: Medikoma believes in providing 24/7 services, which means that we are present at the oddest hours but this might not be the case always, that is the company or the service providing agency does not provide any guarantee for the same. There might be instances when the same is not relatable.
Also if there any fault occurs during the instance of the usage, or temporary unavailability, Medikoma is not liable for the same.
Adhering to user responsibility: A user is solely responsible for using the services of the website. In case a user uses the same improperly or in an unlawful fashion and if any action is taken against the user, the company i.e. Medikoma is not liable for the same.
In case of any proceedings, the user is solely responsible for the same.
Third Party Websites
When a user is using any services on the website, there might be third party links with websites that a user is unaware about. There might be certain redirections that lead you to different links, websites, applications etc. It is ultimately the user who has to decide whether they are willing to go forward on the link or not. Medikoma keeps your data confidential but if a user provides data to a third party directly or indirectly, then Medikoma is not liable for the same.
In case any user has any complaint against any term or condition, you can always contact Medikoma for the same and we will cater to the changes being required if any, which would be decided by Medikoma.
Change in the terms of use
The company or the owner that is the Medikoma reserves all its rights to make any changes in the terms and conditions listed.