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ब्रस गर्ने सही तरिका के हो? Modified Bass Brushing Method tutorial by Dr. Nashib Pandey - Dr. Nashib Pandey

Dr. Shreel Bhagat, AIMS Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Pain Clinic, Balkumari, Lalitpur - Dr. Shreel Bhagat

What is physiotherapy? - Dr. Shreel Bhagat

Dr. Dipsal Timila, Pediatrician, Arogin Healthcare and Research Center - Dr. Dipsal Timila

Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, Arogin Mind Clinic, Arogin Healthcare and Research Center - Dr. Pawan Sharma

Common ear related issues in Nepal - Dr. Jayendra P Pradhananga

Dr. Ambika Prasad Gyawali, Kathmandu homeopathic Health Clinic - Dr. Ambika Prasad Gyawali

Dr. BhaiRaja Shrestha taking about Common Eye Issues - Dr. Bhairaja Shrestha

Hair & skin problem and treatment - Dr. Rupak Ghimire

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